Low Alcohol Is Latest Trend in Cocktails; There Is Now a Smoked Salmon Vodka


The Chinese have discovered Lafite and Margaux, sending wine prices for premium Bordeaux through the roof.
[Wall Street Journal]

The latest trend in cocktails is low-alcohol drinks, so you can drink more for longer without getting wasted.
[SF Chronicle]

Belvedere Vodka has launched a search for its next Global Brand Ambassador called the Belvedere “Dream Job” competition.
[PR Newswire]

There is now a smoked salmon vodka and it’s from Alaska. The Alaska Distillery product is made by mixing ground salmon meat with ethanol.
[Seattle PI]

A round-up of hip drinking spots in Harlem according to Frank Bruni includes Bier International, 67 Orange Street, and the wine bar Nectar.
[NY Times]