Morning Links: Carl Paladino Takes Manhattan; Twitter Hack Alert; Lindsay Lohan Fails Another Drug Test


• Carl Paladino is now campaigning in Manhattan, despite having complained about the traffic and “smug, self-important, pampered liberal elitists” here. Now he says it’s a “fun place.” [NYT]

• Twitter is screwy and sending out spam links. Don’t use the regular Twitter browser for now…[BBC]

• Keeping officials safe during the U.N. General Assembly costs New York $5 to $7 million. President Obama will speak at an anti-poverty summit on Wednesday and address the opening session of the ministerial meeting on Thursday. [NBC NY]

• Carla Bruni denies that Michelle Obama ever said that her life in the White House was “hell.” [CNN]

• MetroNorth is back to normal today. [MTA]

• Lindsay Lohan settled her $100 million “milkaholic” lawsuit against E*Trade yesterday, but also failed two new drug tests. An L.A. judge issued a warrant after revoking her probation; she’s to be in court on Friday, and faces 30 days in jail for each test. [NYP]

• The woman who claimed a stranger threw acid in her face has been charged with theft for the money she collected after the (false) incident. [Yahoo]

• Keanu Reeves will be filming a movie on the Lower East Side starting tomorrow. [Bowery Boogie]

• Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brandt have called off their divorce. Hooray for love. Or money. [NYP]