Upper West Side Condo Residents Face Horrors of Dog Discrimination


Dog owners at One Lincoln Plaza on West 64th Street are facing what they call harassment from their condo board, which is voting tonight on new rules that would ban Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, and pit bulls from the building and force all dogs to ride the service elevator, turning them, effectively, into second-class citizens. If dogs were citizens in the first place.

Regardless, people are mad! Some of them are even sickened! The service elevator must be awful.

“It’s sickening,” fumed Al Josephberg, 50, as he walked his French bulldog, Emily. “It’s a … dog-hating regime.”

“This is going to be very explosive in the building,” said Kevan Cleary, a longtime resident and dog lover. “People view dogs as part of the family, and basically, this is a form of harassment.”

Wait, but there’s more:

The new rules would… require pets to wear ID tags at all times and make owners keep the building free of fleas or bedbugs.

Intolerable, really. This is how wars get started.

[via Daily News]