Vatican Bank Gets Probed


Here’s a good plot for Dan Brown’s next novel (you read it here, Brown!):

Italian magistrates have frozen $30 million from the Vatican bank and are investigating top bank officials for alleged violations of European money laundering rules.

The Vatican, for their part, was “perplexed and surprised” and said they completely trusted their bank chairman (a member of Opus Dei!) and the director-general. Seems like the Vatican is always being surprised about something.

But, in fact, the bank has been in trouble before: In 1982, in conjunction with the fraudulent bankruptcy of Banco Ambrosiano and their president’s murder by hanging at Blackfriars Bridge in London; and last year, with a suit filed by Holocaust survivors who said that the bank had accepted millions stolen by Nazi sympathizers (it was dismissed).

Still, for our parts, we’re just “perplexed and surprised” that the Vatican is in the news for something other than a sex scandal. Onward, Christian soldiers!

[via NPR]