Breaking: Lincoln Restler, Brooklyn Democrats’ Hipster Upstart, Wins State Committee Seat in Upset!


Williamsburg’s young political upstart, Lincoln Restler, walked into the offices of (currently embattled) Brooklyn Democrat party boss Vito Lopez’s office a while back, wanting to get involved with politics on a local level and help institute changes he believed in. Lopez tossed him out and told him to kiss the ring of his establishment. Well, Restler just told Lopez to kiss his ass, by winning an election, and possibly putting him out of business for good.

Since being tossed out of the (Little Old Lady-intimidating) Vito Lopez’s office, Restler has gone on to help found the New Kings Democrats, and as a Vice President of the organization and running nominee for Williamsburg’s District Leader race, take on the establishment. As of Monday, the votes in Restler’s election for a state committee seat were still being counted, but we’ve just received word that after the counting of absentee ballots, Lincoln Restler has defeated he pro-Lopez Warren Cohn — son of legacy state committeeman Steve Cohn — by a count of 3639 to 3519: 120 votes. The results will take a week to be certified, but the significance of this election is that Restler may end up, incidentally, being the tipping point for the end of Vito Lopez’s iron reign on Brooklyn’s democrats.

We’ve contacted Lincoln for quote, and we’ll update once we have one.

UPDATE: From a fun (and rather sensational) release issued by Restler’s campaign manager:

“For the first time in 28 years the voters of the 50th Assembly District have had the chance to elect an independent, reform-minded State Committee member, and I am proud to represent their voice. We, the growing reform movement in Brooklyn, intend to hold accountable the corrupt party machine and deliver a better brand of politics. Brooklyn deserves no less. Thank you to my family, friends, and the thousands of Brooklynites who have humbled me with your support,” said Restler.