Did Someone Lose a Crocodile in Soho?


What is up with New York wildlife? Following yesterday’s reports of a snake in a Bronx toilet, and today’s follow-up that it is within the realm of possibility for snakes to slither up to the 19th floor of a building via the plumbing and then lie in wait for you on the toilet, we nearly had a panic attack when we saw this “Lost Croc” sign. (Click to enlarge.)

But then we thought. René, with that little accent mark? Male, friendly, understands French? 134 Prince Street? Ah, it’s not a lost crocodile in Manhattan after all, but a clever promotion for the popped-collar purveyor of our youth, Lacoste. Turns out the company gave out some 2,000 red plastic crocodiles this weekend to alert folks to the opening of their new men’s store. If you received or happen to find one before the end of the month, bring it in to the store and you’ll get a coupon for a polo shirt for just $20. Woot. Or keep the crocodile for yourself, perhaps making a nice home for it in your bathroom. Better than having a real one staring at you from the commode.

Curious, we spoke to Sean from the store about whether this promo was in any way linked to the recent New York City surge in sewer lizard sightings. “We have not used any live crocodiles!” he said. “It’s just their logo.”

Thank goodness for that. Hey, whatever happened to that lost shark, anyway?