Download Jazz Vocalist Theo Bleckmann’s Covers Of “Running Up That Hill” And “Hello Earth”; See Him Further Channel Kate Bush At Le Poisson Rouge Tonight


“Is this a sound being made by a human being, a musical instrument, the weather, a mountain? Am I somebody singing fully out or very intimately? Why am I doing this, at this precise moment?” Thus did local jazz/classical/avant-garde singer Theo Bleckmann explain his thought process to our own Francis Davis recently, shedding light on a wildly far-reaching repertoire he’ll only add to tonight at Le Poisson Rouge, when he takes on the songs of Kate Bush. Care to hear a few samples?

There’s “Running Up That Hill” and “Hello Earth,” both lithe and dreamy and delicate, though “Hill” takes off right around the bridge. No idea how many of these tunes he’s got at his disposal, but hopefully he gets into “This Woman’s Work,” or “Pi,” or the one about doing laundry.