Efterklang+Buke & Gass


It seems about right that Efterklang is fresh from performing at The Wire‘s Adventures in Modern Music Festival in Chicago. The Danish combo adheres to a fastidious sense of craft, the musical results being as well-tailored and impeccably layered as a new autumn suit. Sharp. Just-so. All-natural, but also all synthetic. Over three albums, their output bursts with choral arrangements, contemplative pond-gazing, and plenty of moments to roust the butterflies, akin to suddenly seeing all your toy marching men wind themselves up and play a tune. It’s a joyful clamor and a European whisper. With Buke and Gass, instrument-creators who play ukuleles and guitars of their own design. That seems about right, too.

Fri., Oct. 1, 7 p.m., 2010