Fight Night at San Gennaro: Sausage Fest Turns into Chair-Throwing Madness! (Video)


The San Gennaro Festival has a bad reputation as just another reason for aggressive con-game carnies to hustle you next to the same booths serving funnel cakes, lemonade, and sausages that appear at every other street festival in New York City (unless, of course, you find the right ones). Well, it’s not just those things! It’s also a place for thick-necked brutes to get into fights and throw chairs at one another, WWF-style.

Via NYC The Blog

We’ll forgo any kind of joke about reinforcing certain stereotypes and just head straight to the What the hell is in the water in Nolita these days? This happened on Saturday night, the same night that media hangout Botanica Bar exploded in a bloody brawl started by B&Ters who weren’t tipping their bartenders. A tipster reported to Eater:

The guy who tried to order the drinks picked up whatever bottles he could find on the bar and began firing them into the back wall and smashing the mirrors and bottles of booze on the bar. He stopped after about a minute, but then all of a sudden the rest of the people he was with started throwing glasses and bottles, smashing every bottle of booze behind the bar. The bartenders were completely covered with liquor.

Does anyone know what’s going on down there? Is San Gennaro causing an influx of unnecessary roughness in the area? Let us know!