Goods Branches Out With Weekend Specials


Since it opened in June, the Goods trailer has made its name with a concise menu that’s heavy on straightforward, un-frilly foods like burgers, hot dogs, and fish ‘n’ chips. But according to an e-mail from Goods HQ, the trailer’s chef, Alex McCrery, is branching out a bit with his weekend specials menu: Last weekend saw, among other things, fried blowfish tails with smoked pepper cocktail sauce and celery salad, local squash hummus, and slow-cooked pork belly with green tomato, avocado chow chow, and peanut crackers. Click through to take a look at what McCrery is planning to conjure up this weekend.

Red Bean Hummus House Bread, Radish, Speck $6.50

Broccoli Salad White Anchovy, Lemon $5.25

Corn-Fried Oyster Skewer House Remoulade $4.25

Cauliflower and Andouille Ancho Chiles, Melon Vinaigrette $7.25

Ancho Poached Gold Beets Smoked Ricotta, Pears, Gremolata $7.50

Jonah Crab Grilled Cheese Queso Fresco, Chanterelles, House Bread $9.75

Blackened Octopus Salad Farro, Chimichurri, Melon, Crispy Chickpeas $8.75

Pork Belly Green Tomato-Avocado Relish, House Peanut Crackers $10.50

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