Is Pop Tarts World Toast?


I passed by the large Pop Tarts World emporium on 42nd Street the other day and noticed that the place, which opened over a month ago, seemed as empty as my mind during a Megan Fox movie.

The store sells Pop Tarts (you know, those tasty toaster pastries that doubled our childhood weights, but delightfully so), along with related merch like T-shirts and mugs and such.

But the location — off 6th Avenue — is too far from the Times Square bustle to attract the touristy hordes panting for something to show Aunt Edna back home and distract her from her iron lung.

Furthermore, there’s not much you can do with Pop Tarts (except eat them).

Yeah, they come in different flavors, but basically they’re all the same size and shape, with the same frosting, and they don’t lend themselves to the wild varieties of stuff you can get in, say, the Hershey Store or M&M’s World. (Both of which are right in the Times Square bustle, thank you.)

But I think the main problem is that once Lindsay/Britney/Paris became known as “pop tarts,” the toasted treats seemed a lot less appetizing!