Joe Torre and His Big Mouth


So, as we close the door on the whole sordid “Joe Torre Return to the Mets” non-story, let’s recap what we know.

First, Torre did tell WFAN that he was “curious” about managing the Mets in 2011.

Then, after the shit hit the WFAN, he told reporters, “I’m closing the door on managing the Mets, and probably everybody else. I don’t want to mislead anybody.” This after misleading everybody.

Jerry Manuel has said that he accepts Torre’s apology and it’s time to move on. But there’s another side to the story, the one out of Los Angeles, and not everyone there is quite so ready to put it all behind them. In yesterday’s LA Times. T.J. Simers gave a West Coast perspective: “I consider Joe Torre a good friend. I’d have fired the guy Tuesday.”

Simers asked the question that not enough people in New York seemed to consider, “Isn’t he still the Dodgers manager? The Dodgers aren’t good enough for him? What does he say to Dodger fans?” Shouldn’t, Simers asks, Frank McCourt fire Torre for going after another job while still employed by the Dodgers?

“That’s their prerogative,” was Torre’s lame reply. “By ‘their,'” writes Simers, he must believe both Frank and Jamie [McCourt] own the Dodgers. That will surely get him fired.”

BTW, buried in the blizzard of comments on this incident, was Torre’s statement to the L.A. Times that “I’m not planning on leaving [Southern California]. In fact, I looked at a house here this morning.” Does that means he plans on setting up a dual residence or that the house in Westchester is up for sale? Stay tuned.