Morning Links: Obama and Palin Together at Last; Georgia Pastor Accused of Sexual Coercion; $104 Metrocard Likely


• Barack Obama and Sarah Palin share a milkshake in the latest Archie comic. [NYP]

• Two men in Georgia have filed a lawsuit claiming that prominent Atlanta pastor Eddie Long used his position to coerce them into sex. The pastor’s spokesman says the allegations are “a case of retaliation and a shakedown for money by men with some serious credibility issues.” [CNN]

• Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was not repealed…yet. [NPR]

• eBay has launched its new Look Book, combining user-generated fashion shots with online auctions. [NBC NY]

• TVs are now on the subway. Sort of. [NYT]

• The last hearing about the proposed MTA fare hikes has been held. The final vote will take place next month — the $104 30-day uncapped card seems likely. [NY1, NYP]

• The battle over Sin-Sin continues. [The Lo-Down]

• The latest casualty of New York’s gentrification? City fights are becoming ever more dull. Like this one, at San Genarro — the most interesting part is in the first 30 seconds. Chair fight! [NYC The Blog]