Please Do Not Attempt to Crash the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Tonight


Well, the ranks of the disappointed probably outnumber those who actually successfully scored themselves tickets to tonight’s Yeah Yeah Yeah’s anniversary shindig at Secret Project Robot. Tickets went on sale at 6 p.m. yesterday and were long gone by 7, and the internet is aflame with the three hundred plus people who waited in line only to get turned away (to say nothing of those who didn’t even bother). Still: do not storm the door tonight! Promoter Todd P sends out this friendly reminder: “NO TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR, NO EXCEPTIONS.” You should probably take him at his word. Because no one wants this thing shut down, and a mob of angry people outside a tiny Williamsburg storefront will inevitably lead to that. Let the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have their fun. They’ve earned it. All the rest of us can do is gaze in envy on these tickets: