New York

Scamming NYC Cabbies Took Customers for $1.1 Million


Remember those cabbies who were overcharging customers by billing for double-fare “suburban rates” within city limits? The worst of them have been arrested today, and the New York Post tells us how much they ended up making off of New York’s downtrodden cab riders. Taking the prize for most overcharges were 66-year-old Santiago Rossi of Hollis, Queens, who took in a total of $11,066.45 in 5,127 trips; and Mfamara Camara, 38, of the Bronx, who scammed his riders out of $15,502.30 in 4,772 trips. All in all, riders were overcharged $1.1 million. Hm, makes those $104 Metrocards seem like a bargain. Almost. [via NYP]

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