Download British Sea Power’s New “Zeus,” And Hope They Show Up Here Soon


Of all the grandiose, erudite U.K. rocker types to darken our doorstep in the past, oh, 10 years, British Sea Power are definitely the weirdest and probably the best, penning romantic and swooning and overwhelming epics about glaciers or nuclear power plant meltdowns or other such environmental phenomena. They have a new song called “Zeus.” It does not disappoint.

Listen or download, adding to your growing collection of pastoral arena-rock songs that name-check Nikita Khrushchev. Let it be known that these dudes are fantastic live in a volatile, possibly ill-advised sort of way, prone to injuring themselves in incredibly bizarre fashion, e.g. sawing off the tree branch they were sitting in, knocking themselves unconscious stage-diving (and that was the keyboard/coronet player!), etc. Can CMJ announce a 701st band, perhaps?