Introducing Waiter Pay, a Website Created to Raise Awareness About Restaurant Labor Laws


The number of lawsuits that seem to emerge from the restaurant world on an almost-weekly basis no doubt keep plenty of lawyers busy, but one has somehow found the time to create Waiter Pay, a website that both raises awareness of New York labor laws and violations and serves as a resource for both restaurant workers and owners.

The site is the brainchild of Louis Pechman, a partner in the firm Berke-Weiss & Pechman LLP, the firm that collected $3.15 million in unpaid server tips in a settlement with Sparks Steakhouse last year. It contains resources for everything from New York labor law and tip reporting to food service industry reports and guides, and also breaks down the top 10 restaurant violations. Number 1, is, unsurprisingly, overtime pay.

There’s also a blog that details the latest in restaurant worker news — recent entries include Mario Batali’s tip-skimming lawsuit and the case of a North Carolina waitress who was fired after posting a negative comment about a customer on her private Facebook page. And, because no good deed comes without at least a modicum of self-interest, there is also information about where to find a good lawyer.