Mattel Unveils New Barbies With Jobs Perfect for Aspiring ’90s-Era Career Gals


Keeping up with the times (albeit with something of a decade-long lag), Mattel has introduced new Barbies with totally rockin’ contemporary jobs, including Barbie as slutty Hollywood Access reporter (a/k/a, a pink-besuited News Anchor with a “flair for journalism” and freshly flat-ironed hair) and Barbie as a Computer Engineer (perfect for gadget girls!) with thick-framed pink glasses, a mini pink computer and iPod, and a “funky tee” that features binary code. ‘Cause that’s what the digerati are wearing when they head out to Tom and Jerry’s.

We’re not surprised that the company that makes Barbie is a little bit behind the times while also trying so hard to embrace them. “Computer engineer” is to “social media guru” as The Net is to The Social Network. Seriously, where’s the Melanie Griffith “head for business/bod for sin” upwardly mobile Working Girl Barbie? And didn’t anyone tell them that journalism is, like, dead?

What we are surprised about, however, is that female computer engineers may have hijacked the vote to make geek-Barbie the crowd favorite and the “first Barbie profession chosen by popular vote!” Ladies, girls are not interested in this field not because there’s no Barbie for it — it’s because it’s circa 1992!

Where’s blogger Barbie when we need her…and can she do something about this pasty mess of a dress? Somewhere out there Heidi Klum is saying it makes her sad.

[via Pat’s Papers, WSJ]