Morning Links: Facebook CEO Donates $100M to Newark Schools; Mike Bloomberg Now Less Rich Than Tea-Partier David Koch


• Mark Zuckerberg is going on Oprah and donating $100 million to the Newark school system despite having grown up in Westchester and living in California. A conversation this summer with Newark Mayor Cory Booker — not to mention really good timing with tonight’s premiere of the Facebook movie — apparently led him to this decision. Zuckerberg is trying to get his donation matched by private companies. [NYDN]

• J-Lo and Steven Tyler are the new American Idol judges. Perhaps more interesting, the show also gets a new in-house mentor, Jimmy Iovine, Interscope/A&M Records chair. Perhaps most interesting, Steven Tyler’s face. [Pat’s Papers]

• Atlanta pastor Eddie Long denies the sexual coercion charges against him. [CNN]

• Tea Party backer/oilman David Koch is now richer than Mayor Bloomberg, beating him out for the position of the state’s wealthiest man. Bloomberg’s fortune was at $18 billion this year, but Koch’s rose to $21.5 billion. At least we know our thrifty Mayor isn’t blowing his fortune on shoes. [NBC NY]

• Psychologists and rescue workers are working to help prepare the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for their impending 15 minutes of fame, in which they will “be mobbed by the media, courted by Hollywood, and stalked by paparazzi.” If they’re good-looking, of course. [WP]

• A loophole in the new bedbug disclosure law may allow co-op and condo buyers to receive the same info as renters. (Most buyers ask this question, but there was previously no legal obligation to answer.) [BrickUnderground]

• Union Square’s “makeover” (we’re not talking T.G.I.Friday’s) seems to be a hit. $500,000 worth of street improvements, including making East 17th Street westbound on the north side of the park and adding new bike lanes and wider pedestrian areas, have now been completed in the hopes of cutting down on traffic accidents. [NYP]