Phish Playing Three Nights At Madison Square Garden, Including Their “First-Ever New Year’s Day Show”


I got in a lot of trouble the last time I suggested you go see Phish at least once, but the suggestion stands, and as 2010 morphs into 2011 you’ll have three chances: They’re playing Madison Square Garden December 30-31, plus an apparently wildly anomalous January 1st gig, presumably because the chance to play on 1-1-11 was too good to pass up.

Tickets are on sale to the “general public” October 9, though there’s a ticket request period going on today. I am assuming non-general-public Phish die-hards understand what that means. Apparently with your ticket you’ll get a free MP3 download of the whole show afterward, so. Good luck, and remember: If you do manage to snag tickets, for god’s sake, stay in your seat.