Tompkins Square Bagels Will Sell Bagels, Won’t Be 24-Hour Den of Iniquity


We have now reached a point in the city’s history where East Village residents feel so oppressed by the encroachment of restaurants and bars on their way of life that even the prospect of a family-run bagel store is enough to inspire apocalyptic doom-saying.

A couple of months ago, EV Grieve reported about the imminent opening of Tompkins Square Bagels, a shop whose owner, Christopher Pugliese, proclaimed, “We’re going to bring the bagel back to the East Village.”

But in response to a rumor circulated by one of the blog’s commenters that the bagel store would be “huge,” “open 24 hours,” and, most damning of all, have backyard seating, Pugliese has been forced to state, on the blog, that “I am NOT, NO WAY, EVER, going to stay open 24 hours. I’m 40 years old with a wife and (hopefully) kids on the way. 24 hours ain’t going to happen.” Also, “THE STORE WILL NOT BE LOUD OR NOISY.” And incidentally, the store doesn’t have a liquor license.

All that aside, hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagels sound pretty good.