Where Am I Eating? Updated: New Clue Added


Welcome to this week’s installment of Where Am I Eating?

So far, no one has guessed both the venue and the dish, but someone has come pretty close. Click below for new clue.

Take a look at the dish in the photo above and try to figure out what it is and the restaurant it was eaten in. One guess per person, and the commenter to get both first will get a new cookbook from our stash.

(And if you’ve won in the last four weeks, please sit this one out.)

When I entered this particular establishment, I spied a sign over the counter informing me that condiments must be requested. I thought of what I wanted on my burger, and then said “mustard.” I was given a packet, which I then put on the burger.

I’d ordered a plain burger, but they put cheese on it without me asking. Accordingly, I ripped the cheese off, which is what you see in the corner of this photo. Now, please try again.