Brats Will Start Slinging Sausage Tomorrow


Having survived the great boob cheese scandal of 2010, Daniel Angerer is turning his attention to products of four-legged origin: Tomorrow, he and his wife/business partner, Lori Mason, will open Brats, a restaurant inspired by the sausage stands of Angerer’s native Austria.

Angerer, who’s been dishing out Austrian food at Klee Brasserie since late 2006, is grouping his sausages into three categories: classic, designer, and gourmet. While that puts us in mind of an insufferable denim boutique, in practice it means the following: Classics will include Bratwurst made with ingredients like Swiss cheese and candied-apple mustard; designer will feature such creations as the Dragon Wiener, a pig sausage served with sriracha mustard and red kimchi; and gourmet will incorporate such high-end ingredients as Akaushi beef, which comes from fetishized Japanese wagyu cattle.

In addition, there will also be salads and snacks, and a dessert menu featuring a variety of cakes. The beverage menu will include sake, beer, and wine, and the Milkaholic. The latter is a milkshake that traces its lineage to cow, goat, and sheep udders, but not, blessedly, human mammary glands.

362 West 23rd Street

Hours: Tue-Sat, 8am-2am; Sun & Mon, 8am-midnight (open from 5pm-midnight & not open on Sundays for the first couple of weeks)