Breaking: Photographic Evidence Lady Gaga Shops at ABC Carpet & Home Emerges


BlackBook Magazine/BlackBook Media‘s fearless content leader Chris Mohney was on his lunch break, milling about phenomenally expensive Manhattan home decor design store, ABC Carpet & Home, when he spotted in the wild Lady Gaga. And took a picture. Photographic evidence below:

Mohney writes:

On the left is the ass of Lady Gaga, encountered shopping just now at ABC Carpet & Home. Before I could pan up and get the rest of her I was accosted by her bouncer, a large but ultimately generous man who allowed me to depart with minimal breakage of my face.

And now you know: Gaga shops at ABC Carpet & Home in, I don’t know, black leather underwear? It’s kind of awesome.

[Full disclosure/Ed. Note: The strangest thing about this isn’t that Gaga shops at ABC Carpet & Home — she probably buys petrified ducks encased in amber stones routinely, or whatever they’re selling there these days — but thatas my former boss, I can attest to Chris Mohney not being the kind of guy who just goes shopping at ABC Carpet and Home on his lunch breaks (he often gets lunch from Dogmatic, for example, which doesn’t strike me as the ABC Carpet & Home shopper’s lunch spot of choice) but the internet is incredible in that you learn the most amazing things about people you’d otherwise have no idea about.]