Cuisine Report: A Flea Grows in Brooklyn


My old borough has gotten so uber-trendy that the Brooklyn Kitchen in Williambsburg is serving five-course meals consisting of nouvelle insects for only $85.

The very pests that you swat away from your face in disgust are suddenly in your face for top dollar and big prestige, washed down with a champagne glass full of Raid on the rocks.

The linked New York Times article details one woman’s horrifying yet surprisingly delicious experience there, particularly when she bit down on a bowl of “squirming wax moth larvae” in lieu of the usual fish tacos.

“It tastes like corn,” a fellow patron nobly advised her, smiling with worms in his teeth.

Which brings to mind several thoughts:

*Yeah, but corn doesn’t move!

*Still, at least it doesn’t taste like chicken, like roaches generally do. I hear.

*Meanwhile, will Carol Channing soon be heard to say in a public restroom: “When did I eat squirming wax moth larvae?”