Giggle-Fit Turns Balding Swiss Finance Minister Into Totally Adorable Funny Dude (Video)


This clip of Switzerland’s finance minister Hans-Rudolf Merz is funny for a number of reasons, including, to start, the juxtaposition of a totally boring parliamentary meeting and a giggle fit, ever the more funny because OH, MY GOD, WE’RE GIGGLING DURING A PARLIAMENTARY MEETING. You can only imagine that people were falling out of their chairs out there and alleging comparisons to Louis CK.

Also, this is funny because Merz was talking about spiced meat imports. Because spiced meat imports are funny, no matter the language, but especially when they’re called “Bündnerfleisch.” And then there’s the pure science of seeing someone laugh and having to laugh, too. It’s like yawns. And vomiting.

The biggest giggle fit comes toward the end…wait for it…

Apparently, Merz has been taken to task for various things in his home country, including, the Guardian reports, “signing away much of Switzerland’s banking secrecy and failing to secure the release of two Swiss citizens held by Libya.” But now he’s adored by thousands! This should be a lesson to U.S. politicians. Laugh at yourself, the world laughs with you…and people might actually start to like you.

[via Pat’s Papers]