Kinski Is Closed, but Karloff Will Open


Earlier today, Brownstoner spread word the imminent opening of Karloff, a “cafe with an Eastern European accent.” Located on Court Street in Cobble Hill, its menu will feature latkes, pierogies, baked goods, soups, and fresh-squeezed juices.

An Eastern European-accented café that takes its name from a man known for playing onscreen monsters immediately put us in mind of Kinski, the little Rivington Street café that opened and then closed and then opened earlier this year. Walking by it for the past few weeks, we noticed that its gate always seemed to be down, and a couple of calls to its phone number yielded only a generic answering-machine message.

So earlier this afternoon, we placed a call to Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Kinski’s next-door neighbor and recent Keanu Reeves stomping ground. The woman who answered the phone confirmed our suspicions: The place closed down about a month ago. So knödel lovers will have to look elsewhere for their dumpling fix. Perhaps Karloff will put them on its menu.