Morning Links: R.I.P. Eddie Fisher; Barack Obama’s Last Day at the U.N.; Rikers Guard Wins $54M in Lottery


• Eddie Fisher — singer; entertainer; husband to Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and Connie Stevens; father to, among other children, Carrie and Joely Fisher — has died at 82, reportedly of complications from hip surgery. [Deadline]

• It’s the last day of President Obama’s U.N./NYC visit. He’ll meet with the presidents of Azerbaijan and Colombia this morning and will later attend group meetings focused on averting conflict in Sudan and easing tensions between China and its neighbors. [Yahoo]

• Teresa Lewis, 41, the first woman executed in Virginia in nearly 100 years, who is said to have orchestrated the murders of her husband and stepson for the insurance money, received a lethal injection last night at 9:13 p.m. ET. The gunmen, one of whom she was having an affair (who later committed suicide in prison), got life without parole. [CNN]

• Two brothers have been charged with scamming $1 million plus from Chase and Citibank ATMs with the use of electronic skimmers and hidden cameras. One of them was caught by the FBI in Vegas on Monday; the other remains at large. [NYP]

• The two criminals on trial for the horrific in-home murders of Connecticut woman Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters apparently communicated by text message before the home invasion and killings began, even using the abbreviation LOL. [NYT]

• A 34-year-old single mom and Rikers guard who was once homeless and bankrupt (and had feces thrown at her face) has won $54 million in the lottery. [NYP]

• Indian summer continues: It will be in the 80s and sunny today. [Weather]

• It’s National Punctuation Day. Period. [NPD via Slate]

• Here are some East Village dog photos from 1985-1999! [EV Grieve]