Open & Closed: Say Hello to Brats, Goodbye to Aces & Eights


Restaurants and bars, they come and they go. Here are a few making their debuts and bowing out this week.

Aces & Eights, which was closed by the DOH a week ago, will reopen with a different name and image. The bar is running a competition for new name suggestions.
[EV Grieve]

Rapha Cycle Club’s pop-up café, serving Third Rail Coffee and Stumptown, is about to close.
[Bowery Boogie]

La Vineria in Hell’s Kitchen might be done for. The place has been closed since August and now the windows have been papered over.
[Zagat Buzz]

Barosa, a red-sauce Italian joint across the street from Motorino, has shuttered, probably because of the tough competition in the neighborhood.

The Hurricane Club is bringing the tiki trend to Park Avenue. The cocktails are numbered, the snacks pupu, and the rum dispensed by fountain.

Not to be confused with Billy Hurricane’s, located upstairs from the new Idle Hands, a New Orleans-themed bar serving wings, po’ boys, and andouille burgers.

Idle Hands, by the way, is a new beer and bourbon rock bar in Alphabet City boasting 100-plus whiskeys (70 of which are bourbon), 60 microbrews, and about 50,000 tracks.

Chelsea is getting an Austrian brat bar just in time for Oktoberfest. Daniel Angerer’s Brats will feature homemade sausages of Mangalitsa pig, duck, and shrimp.