Posts of the Week


It is now Friday afternoon, and thus time to look back on the week that was:

Our man Sietsema ranked Our 10 Best Chinese Restaurants, 2010 Edition.

Brooklyn Winery’s Conor McCormack discussed urban winemaking, the science in the glass, and why winemakers are so beer-happy.

Battle of the banana cream pies: Hill Country Chicken v. Pies-N-Thighs.

The Old Fashioned is planning to bring ice cream and cocktails to Ditmas Park next summer.

Sara Jenkins talked about Porsena, Porchetta, Eataly, fake olive oil, and Williamsburg restaurants that feel like bars.

Freaky Eaters has the distinction of being the worst food show on TV.

Kaz An Nou’s Ital is one of New York’s vegetarian delights.

Congressman Charles Rangel showed up at a vegan Korean Temple cuisine event in Soho.

Ask the critic: Why do I get a hangover?

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