So It Seems Like That Long-Promised Free M.I.A. Show Will Be at Brooklyn Bowl



She promised it, added some caveats, got blasted by HARD, and was finally threatened with local protest over not having it, but it seems like M.I.A. will at last be playing that free make-up show to make good on the one that didn’t go so well, back in July. The email she cites in the above tweet seems not to exist, if Twitter/our inboxes are any judge; we’ve reached out to Brooklyn Bowl for confirmation and have yet to hear anything from them, either. Why might that be?

Well, for one, she’s playing a show that costs actual money at Terminal 5 come Monday, and there are reasons why everyone involved would probably rather the free show get announced after that. (Though the Must Hall of Williamsburg, owned by the same Bowery Presents that owns Terminal 5, just retweeted M.I.A.’s announcement–make of that what you will.) Even though this free show is supposedly meant only for aggrieved HARD Fest ticketholders, you can see why this email is likely going out next week, after the show, and not today. But what do we know? Feelers are out to all involved; we’ll update with confirmation or lack thereof.