Stephen Colbert Testifies for Congress After Being Asked Not To! (Video)


Stephen Colbert just testified in front of Congress about the United Farm Workers’ “Take Our Jobs” initiative, which argues for American citizens to take farm worker jobs over from illegal immigrants. And he just did it, after being asked not to.

Watch as Colbert is asked to excuse himself by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and submit his testimony, which he refuses. And then Conyers withdraws his request, and Colbert moves forward.

People — like Mediaite’s Colby Hall — are going to be wringing their hands over a celebrity testifying in front of a House subcommittee, and what it says about politics, or how seriously we’re taking the legislative process, but, bottom-lining all of this, the legislative process is mostly a joke anyway — perpetrated by people not smart enough to make money in the private sector for full-of-shit enough to run for elected office — so why not make it an entertaining one? Happy Friday!