“The Situation” Is a Hetero Trapped in a Gay Man’s Body


As he himself has joked.

But judging from this brand-new National Enquirer piece, maybe the opposite is a little true, too.

In high school, says the article, the Jersey Shore star “was the object of several gay admirers — including one smitten student who sent him love notes and showered him with romantic gifts, say sources.”

Adds the story, “One gay kid followed Mike around like a puppy dog…Mike used to get teased about it, but he didn’t care. He stuck up for the kid.”

I guess he’s always had a cool attitude, yo.

The article even relates the story — told by yours truly — about how Mike and the other Jersey Shore dudes posed for the cover of the Voice a few months ago, unaware that it was for the annual Queer Issue.

And when the secret came out along with the issue, he was thrilled.

I think I love dis guy!