Update: Lindsay Lohan Back in Jail for Failing Two Drug Tests


Update: Despite doubts that Lindsay Lohan would be sent immediately to jail at her hearing today, that’s exactly what happened. Judge Elden Fox ordered her held there without bail until her next court date of October 22 (almost 30 days if she is indeed there the entire time), and per CNN, “she was taken from the courtroom in handcuffs.”

Previously: Lohan is to return to court today for a hearing after failing two drug tests. Bad timing, as yesterday Us Weekly claimed that her Tweet-fessions from September 18 — in which she said she was taking responsibility for her actions and prepared to face the consequences — were actually sort of bogus, crafted with the help of a friend and her assistant while she “giggled” and enjoyed Jack and Cokes at a Hollywood restaurant.

Here’s how it went down in Twitter (read from the bottom up for chronology):

Lohan will go before Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox today, who may or may not read Us Weekly, and may or may not sentence her to a 30-day stint in jail for violating the terms of her probation. Since it’s a misdemeanor, bail may simply be set and paid.

According to TMZ, Michael Lohan will be in court as well and wants to make the case that Lindsay should go to rehab, not jail. Meanwhile, the court order preventing him from getting anywhere near Dina could make things even more interesting. Be on the lookout for illicit fingernails.