Will the Verizon iPhone Ever Exist? Reply Hazy, Try Again


Like the mystical Fountain of Youth, or magical unicorn horn dust, or pots of gold at the end of rainbows, the Verizon iPhone remains one of those entities that would be oh-so-wonderful, ’twere it ever to be. Unfortunately, even though as many as half of current Apple/iPhone customers would switch to Verizon if ever the dream should come true, there’s still no definitive time, date, or even a yes, it’s going to happen.

The latest, via Apple Insider:

Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets said…comments made by Verizon’s chief executive this week could be a sign that the nation’s largest wireless carrier still cannot reach a deal with Apple.

“Verizon may not accept Apple’s contract terms that risk its Android franchise, which could face significant cannibalization from pent up iPhone demand on its network,” Abramsky wrote. “And Apple may not want iPhone to be second banana to Android at Verizon, and may be unwilling to accept less than prime marketing, subsidy support for a Verizon iPhone.”

He continued: “This may or not ever get resolved even under LTE; the longer this takes, the more entrenched Android becomes at Verizon so the more difficult to strike a deal.”

Let’s remember, shall we, how many times a Verizon iPhone has been promised, anticipated, or otherwise discussed as an eminent possibility. Among them:

July 30, 2010: Verizon Wireless will start selling Apple’s iPhone next year, ending AT&T’s U.S. exclusive on the phone, say two people familiar with the plans. The device will be available to customers in January. Eh…could happen. Maybe.

May 24, 2010: The Verizon iPhone will be announced and launched sometime in the fall (perhaps it’ll be the “one more thing” at the inevitable September iPod/iTunes event). Didn’t happen.

Oct 29, 2009: Second half of 2010. Nope, not yet.

Or January 2010? Definitely not.

And so on, with a Verizon iPhone even promised for way back in early 2009, at one point. We’re still waiting.

Full disclosure: We have a Verizon Blackberry. And if the Verizon iPhone were to appear, we might even adopt it. But we’re starting to feel a little silly. What if the Mysterious Cities of Gold were sitting at the AT&T store all along?