Free Lindsay Lohan: Someone Pulls Some Strings, Actress Goes Free on Bail


Lindsay Lohan is free once again. But to rewind: In the last few weeks, Lindsay Lohan failed two court-ordered drug tests, showing either an amazing amount of gall or demonstrating the intensity of a horrible disease. Probably both. As punishment, on Friday morning a judge ordered her directly to jail without bail until her next court date, on October 22. She was led from the courtroom in handcuffs. That seemed to be that, for now, until her lawyer filed some last minute paperwork on Friday evening and the actress was allowed to post $300,000 bail. Even her crazy father was like, “Wait, what?”

Via CNN:

A judge granted Lohan bail Friday night, overturning a decision earlier in the day that sent the actress to jail until a probation revocation hearing four weeks away, a court spokesman said.

She must be fitted with a SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet within 24 hours, Los Angeles County Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said.

And though he’s a special sort of psychopath, maybe in this case Daddy really does know best:

“I pray to God that [her lawyer] does the right thing and advises her to go right into rehab now, and show the judge she’s serious, because in 30 days when she goes back before the judge he can do whatever he wants,” Michael Lohan, her father, told CNN.

In the dry, biting, disembodied tone that only news monoliths like CNN can muster, they note: “Lohan made fun of her substance abuse troubles in a backstage skit broadcast during the MTV Video Music Awards earlier in September.” So maybe we’ll catch her SNL tonight?