Gov. David Paterson Coming to SNL Tonight


“Fuck SNL and the whole cast,” New York governor David Paterson rapped in his comeback single “Power,” continuing, “Tell ’em David said they can kiss my whole ass.” Now, after years of being somewhat mercilessly tortured by a Fred Armisen caricature (pictured above) — focused on the governor’s blindness and all around bumbling ways — the real David Paterson is stopping by Saturday Night Live tonight to clear the air. Or at least boost his public profile ahead of his upcoming unemployment.

The New York Times is reporting that even though “he finds the parodies to be in poor taste, even for a comedy show,” Paterson “appears determined to prove that laughter is the best revenge.”

That’s a euphemistic way to explain that the governor is not a popular man. This is the guy who faced approval ratings that made George W. look like Bill Clinton, all before the Times smashed his reputation into oblivion with a series of articles from Albany meant to show his incompetence and corruption.

And though he stubbornly insisted he would still run for governor, even Obama laughed at that plan. And though he finally listened, that means he’ll need a job in the coming months. SNL is a nice, big stage on which to make ammends.

The Times reports:

“Dear all, this is to advise that New York governor, David A. Paterson, will appear on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this Saturday, Sept. 25,” Mr. Harris wrote in the e-mail, a copy of which was provided to The New York Times. “I hope you will tune in.”

No word on whether Mr. Paterson will go head-to-head with his “SNL” doppelgänger, Fred Armisen, or crack any jokes about New Jersey, a running theme of Mr. Armisen’s skits (though not of Mr. Paterson’s actual tenure in office).

A spokesman for Mr. Paterson declined to comment on the appearance, but he did not deny that it was in the works.

Here’s to hoping for a surprise Spitzer cameo.