Madonna’s Publicist Will Make a Bitch of You


You don’t get to be a publicist for one of the world’s most famous people without biting off a few heads, letting the blood dribble down your chin and trampling on the lifeless body. Madonna’s longtime right-hand lady Liz Rosenberg showed a glimmer of this necessary evil when a reporter at the launch of Madonna and daughter’s Material Girl fashion line stepped over the invisible line. Thankfully, though days later, the New York Post‘s Page Six reveals the whole scene in one of their most compelling items in recent memory. Now, either the abused reporter was the Post‘s source, making sure her tale made it to as big an audience as possible, or everyone who witnessed the attack was terrified into submission, because this all happened on Wednesday. It literally includes Rosenberg scolding the reporter like a dog: “Bad girl!”

If you know the rules and you still choose to break them, god help you:

After Rosenberg explained to camera crews that they would get three questions each, and every question had to be about fashion, “The Insider” reporter broke the rules on her third query: “What do you think about Ashton and Demi breaking up?”

One witness told Page Six: “Liz slapped the microphone out of the reporter’s hand. Madonna and Lola didn’t bat an eye as the mike landed at their feet. The daughter is well- trained.” Another source said, “Liz pointed a finger at the reporter and said, ‘Bad girl!’ “

Another reporter said there was no subsequent breaking of the rules: “After what happened to the ‘The Insider’ reporter, none of us tried to ask more than three questions, and everything was about the clothes. We were so scared. Liz Rosenberg is scarier than Madonna.”

After, Madonna allegedly joined her Kabbalist friends for the first night of Sukkot at Prime Grill. The pop legend got her meal to go, “braised short ribs to go and challah with honey.” Rosenberg, the publicist, was sucking on reporters’ bones.

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