One-Half of Local Article Writing Team Appears on NPR’s “On the Media” to Talk NYC Gossip


I think this is a classic story, like there is probably an episode of Glee or Vampire Diaries or Rubicon or whatever, where two people do some work together and when it really comes down to it, the work could’ve been better, but it is really long, so instead of actually reading it, everyone is just sort of like, “Looks good! Great job, Foster!” And because the Foster character is way better looking or has a sexier radio voice or whatever, he gets all the credit and the other half of the team is like, “Just happy to be involved!” But then all of the Hollywood producers start calling and Ryan Seacrest wants a radio interview and, of course, they all gravitate toward the star, while the other guy is brooding or getting bitter, and you can’t really blame the really excellent guy for lapping up the attention, but at a certain point it’s like, come on! And then it all culminates in this really explosive NPR interview and the leading man is almost completely unrecognizable and speaking in this new Famous Voice and just really working it, while the other guy is blogging on a Saturday.

Seriously though, Runnin’ Scared captain Foster Kamer and I wrote a story about Page Six and New York City’s gossip tradition and he talked about it on the radio and then forced me to write about how well he did. Here, listen:

[On the Media]