WSJ Weekend Launches With Eye on the Times


On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal released its first issue of the revamped weekend paper, WSJ Weekend, with the hope of competing directly with the New York Times. One difference is that if you Google “WSJ Weekend” the first result reads “The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition” and if you click on it, it asks you for your payment information. That doesn’t happen at the Times yet. But if you have the money to purchase the Journal, chances are you will like what you see!

Media Business notes the following changes to the section:

A new masthead will feature “WSJ” as the center logo. The “Money & Investing” section will be renamed “Business & Finance.” Two new sections are “Review,” covering the arts and ideas, and “Off Duty,” covering fashion, travel and food.

Slate’s Jack Shafer delivers the first review of the section, after the Observer teased its look all week, and has nice things to say, mostly:

While it won’t replace the Sunday New York Times on my reading menu, if the paper continues to produce an edition that shines as brightly as today’s, I’ll be spending less time with my current Saturday favorite, the weekend edition of the Financial Times.

Shafer notes that while he usually gives folks some time to work out the redesign kinks, even the first go for the weekend Journal is pretty damn decent. “There’s a lot of good reading here,” he writes. As for the design, which you can see below courtesy of Front Pages, he writes:

The new design isn’t really eye-catching, unless calling attention to yourself qualifies as eye-catching.

In the rest of Shafter’s assessment, it’s a bit of faint praise, or at least pleasant surprise, noting that marquee names like Malcolm Gladwell didn’t phone in their contributions. Still, even “taken together with the other five days of the Journal it doesn’t equal a weekly subscription to the Times,” he writes. And isn’t that what this whole thing is about?

The Wall Street Journal remakes its Saturday edition