Ann Coulter Welcomes Gays to GOP at “Homocon”


On Tuesday in New York City, Ann Coulter explained to a room full of homosexuals, gathered for GOProud’s “Homocon,” why they cannot get married: marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” she said, according a report this weekend from Politico. “Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?'” she continued. Yes, the same Coulter who once called John Edwards a “faggot.” And yet, the article posits that the “gay right is thriving at a moment that the mainstream gay rights movement faces a profound crisis.” In that case, the Coulter-headlined event is something of a, um, coming out party.

Politico’s Ben Smith reports:

GOProud is the tea party of the gay rights movement, with well-tailored dark suits in place of revolutionary war garb. The event, complete with lithe young men in black “Freedom is Fabulous” t-shirts guiding guests to the elevator, marked a new high tide in the shift of the Republican Party away from “social issues” and toward a broader complaint about Democratic management of the economy, national security, and the idea of America. GOProud is an explicitly gay group that isn’t particularly focused on gay rights, and Coulter’s speech – full of conservative red meat, and only the occasional Judy Garland joke – reflected its focus.

But lest it be called out as a phony trend, attendees are quick to point out that “the rise of the gay right” comes with “the rising conservative tide generally.” As for Coulter, no one can explain that one away.

They’re gay, conservative and proud