Cathy Paladino Is Drinking the Carl Kool-Aid


The cover of Sunday’s New York Post puts it right out there when it comes to Carl Paladino’s marriage: “It was just about a year ago, hours after the death of her son in a car crash, that Cathy Paladino’s husband told her he was the father of a 10-year-old girl with another woman — and that all their children and most of their friends already knew.” And that’s just the first sentence.

Under the headline “Tea for Three,” the Post tells of Cathy Paladino’s travails, “compounded by the fact that they are national fodder now that her husband, Carl, is running for governor of New York.” It’s clear that Carl’s campaign all but forced her to agree to a sit-down with the tabloid. “They had three words for me: ‘Get over it,'” she says of resisting a public presence. This is glaringly tragic stuff.

Cathy remembers meeting Carl: “You know how it is — we had been drinking all afternoon.” And that was before he called her out for having a shady uncle:

“You have to understand, at the time, I had an uncle who was in some legal difficulties, and it was all over the papers and, uh, Carl says something about…”

Cathy trailed off and looked sideways at the tape recorder sitting on the end table to her right. Her voice dropped substantially. “If you print this, he’s gonna kill me,” she whispered. A wry smile formed for seconds. Long pause. “He says, ‘You don’t have the uncle that’s the crook, do you?'”

But it’s her handling of Carl’s affair and lovechild that really makes you wonder what kind of a Klonopin cocktail they have this woman on:

Cathy said learning about her husband’s 10-year-old daughter, Sarah, didn’t faze her. “I think when you lose a child…everything changes. So when he told me about Sarah…it was a very short affair, it was 10 years prior, and um…my first thought was, ‘How lucky. Every child’s a gift.’ That was my thought. I wasn’t angry, you know. I can deal with one family crisis at a time. But to multi-task…” She laughed softly. “It’s not that important.”

New Yorkers, please remember to vote on November 2.

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