Bedbug Taste Levels Are Improving; They’re Now at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s


If you laughed when bedbugs were found at Hollister and Victoria’s Secret, you may not be laughing now that they’re mounting the fashion food chain. The latest: The bugs have been found at two of New York’s biggest department stores, Macy’s in Herald Square and Bloomingdales on 59th Street. Bloomingdale’s says that just one bug was found (just one!) and that the store is being treated. Macy’s says that the bugs have only been found in the “corporate offices,” which were cleaned and treated on Saturday.

Here’s a memo from Macy’s about the issue:

Bloomingdale’s had this to say: “We took immediate action and it was assessed that the issue was not widespread. Bloomingdale’s continues to be very vigilant with this matter.”

Even so, it seems undeniable that the little bloodsuckers are upping the taste levels a bit. This is so going to wreak havoc with our Christmas shopping, to say nothing of sitting on Santa’s lap.

[via Racked]