Kings Of Leon And Rammstein (!), Coming Soon (Separately, Alas) To A Madison Square Garden Near You


Fresh from being chased off the stage by voluminously defecating birds at an outdoor amphitheater in St. Louis this summer, the Kings of Leon are fleeing indoors this fall to Madison Square Garden, a very large and conveniently covered building they have conquered before. Also coming to MSG: the porn-addled German gentlemen responsible for this thing.

Would’ve made a fine double bill, but it was not to be: KoL are at MSG November 16th, and then head to the Izod Center November 18 (tix for both will be added and put on sale here Saturday); Rammstein arrive on December 11, with voluminous pyrotechnics, nudity, and jams from the Lost Highway soundtrack in tow. I can personally guarantee you that you will not be bored; remember, though, that the MSG show of the fall is headlined by, improbably, Phoenix.

(I’m not embedding the porn-y Rammstein video again, but I mean, remember this?)