Media Moves: Jeff Bercovici Going to Forbes


Another breaking media move: we’re now hearing reading that Jeff Bercovici — AOL’s star media reporter at Daily Finance — is going to work with Lewis “Darth” Dvorkin at Forbes (or True/Forbes, as we like to call it around here) after being courted by a number of potential bosses, according to Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider.

Bercovici’s worked for Conde Nast at the short-lived Portfolio, the thrice-lived Radar, and a bunch of other people I can’t remember at the moment. Bercovici’s a pretty combative reporter, having gone toe-to-toe with Gawker Media and Mediaite/Abrams Media/Abrams Research/former MSNBC talking head Dan Abrams, among others, recently. Forbes‘ new face as a blogging destination’s going to suit Bercovici’s beefing style much better than the twenty levels of editors he probably had to go through at AOL to hit “Publish.” At Forbes, he might only have ten, but don’t ask the White House about that. Bercovici’s a stringent, hard-liner media ethicist [and to be fair, he’d probably want me to disclose that this blogger and he were drinking together Saturday night], so maybe this is all just a PR play on Forbes’ part and we’re taking the bait. Kidding!

But seriously, does anyone know what’s in the water of big-name media reporters in town these days? In the span of one week,

Or maybe it’s just that the water’s warming up, and the young folk are seizing on it, while some others are still trying to doggie-paddle just to stay above it…and not doing such a great job at that.