Rick Lazio Drops Out of Governor’s Race; Andrew Cuomo vs. Carl Paladino Is On


Rick Lazio is dropping out of the governor’s race, he announced today. He’ll also withdraw from the Conservative Party. This follows his significant loss to Carl Paladino in the primaries, and sets the stage for a battle royale between Andrew Cuomo and Paladino. To the pain!

At the press conference to announce his withdrawal from the race, Lazio “called his victorious primary opponent Carl Paladino ‘flawed,'” per TPM.

According to Celeste Katz at the Daily News, Bronx County Republican Chairman Jay Savino has confirmed that Lazio will be nominated for Supreme Court judge tonight. There are only three ways you can get off the ballot for governor: judgeship, dying, or moving out of New York. And in only one do you get those totally awesome robes.

[via NYDN]