Tonight at Opening Ceremony: Spike Jonze and Live Music Performed By a Bear


Arcade Fire and Kanye West collaborator Spike Jonze (he’s also directed a movie or two) will be at Opening Ceremony tonight, promoting last month’s robot romance short film I’m Here. He’s doing a Q&A and signing the film’s companion book, There Are Many of Us; the volume comes with a copy of the DVD and soundtrack, featuring Animal Collective, Girls, Sleigh Bells, and the indie-supergroup Lost Trees. But this is after all Opening Ceremony, the same people who teamed with Jonze to bring you those whimsical Where The Wild Things Are jumpsuits last year, and so how could this event possibly be complete without live music performed by a bear? Yup:

That does indeed say, “With live music performed by a bear.” Perhaps not surprisingly, Opening Ceremony’s PR has declined thus far to return our queries about precisely what this bold promise might consist of–Phosphorescent?

Sufjan in a furry-eared hood and wolf tail one-piece?

Unshaven James Murphy?

Find out tonight, or whenever the store relents and fills us in.

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