Update: The Protest Outside Tonight’s M.I.A. Show At Terminal 5 Has Been Called Off


Crisis averted. Last week we met Mark Mazzye, a local graphic designer who intended to picket M.I.A.’s show at Terminal 5 tonight; she’d promised to do a free concert, you see, after July’s HARD Festival calamity, but you’re not getting into T5 for less than $40 no matter how many lil dances you do. As Mark put it to us: “You’re really gonna cop out on your fans like that?” Apparently she’s not!

Let’s go ahead and give Mark all the credit for the fact that on Friday, M.I.A. announced, at the very least, a venue for that free show: Brooklyn Bowl. Her management confirms that’s in the works; while details (like a date, for example) are scarce, Mark is nonetheless satisfied, and there will in fact be no protest outside T5 tonight. “I called the picket off,” he writes. “I saw she said on her Twitter that she is doing a Brooklyn Bowl show, and Brooklyn Bowl has confirmed it on their Twitter. So I definitely plan to go to that when it happens. I guess according to various things I’ve read on the Internet, it’s supposedly happening within the next two weeks. So yes, it did sway me. Now here’s hoping it isn’t a pain in the ass to get into.” Indeed. A thousand pardons to anyone who made their picket signs in advance — Halloween costume, maybe?