Volunteer Football Coach Fired by Humorless School for Mooning Opposing Team


Let this be a lesson to you: If you pull down your pants, even in fun or during a very dramatic football game, even if you get laughs, there will be penance to pay. A volunteer assistant football coach at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn has lost his job over mooning opposing fans after his team lost.

A told-you-so parent from the winning school, Campus Magnet, said, “It’s definitely fair. He’s influencing children and he has to think about that.” Na-na-na-na boo-boo.

But given the mooning, it seems like the kids might have been influencing him a bit more than he them. When was the last time you saw someone over the age of 20 moon someone? Actually, don’t answer that.

His mom, however, had his “back” (wink, wink): “That doesn’t sound like him, that he would show his behind,” Miller’s mom said as she arrived home in East Flatbush from church. “I can’t see him doing that.”

Apparently, Miller is not a school employee and was not paid, according to the Department of Education. Which begs the question: Can he really be fired?

Regardless, in this day and age, when teachers are revealing they’re prostitutes or just being really, really bad teachers, firing an assistant coach who makes zero dollars because, in the heat of the moment, he decided to show his butt (instead of shooting the bird, letting roll some profanity, or beating someone up) seems unnecessarily Victorian, no? Couldn’t everyone just have had a good laugh — butts! They’re funny! — and moved on to bigger and, hopefully, better things?

Then again, if your immediate reaction to anger is to pull down your pants and bend over, maybe you could use a little time off.

[via NYDN]