Is Madonna Using Lourdes?


I remember a time when Madonna was so sheltering of her daughter Lourdes that the girl wasn’t even allowed to watch TV (though I bet a sneak peek at the occasional Madonna video was perfectly OK, yuck yuck).

But once Madonna hit the age where radio turns a chilly shoulder to you — and the youth market starts being cornered by all manner of Mileys, Gagas, and Keshas — Lourdes suddenly became more visible than Madonna’s gym-trained arms.

Most noticeably, she’s the alleged designer of the Material Girl line and has been extremely present for headline-grabbing publicity events.

It’s nice that Lourdes is being given a creative outlet for her early-life gifts, but of course it’s all being carried out with mama, and it tends to shower some young relevance onto Mama, who kind of needs it right now.

Madonna, after all, is the one who’s savvily teamed with everyone from Justin to Britney in order to studiously stay away from Norma Desmond-land.

Am I being cynical or is there a tiny bit of using going on here?